May 28, 2011

Accutane: Depression and Suicide

I want to write something about this "side effect" express my opinion from my own experience.

When I first heard about suicide I was really scared...OMMMMMGG? What does this pill do? It will drive me crazy?

After I stared my treatment (under doctor monitoring) I didn't experience one moment of depression!!! 
Not a single thought...nothing.
Here it's why: after the second week, when I started to see how my skin is improving and was not oily anymore...I said "Oh my God...a miracle is happening!!! I thought that is no cure for my acne"

I was so happy and so positive about all the changes and it was impossible for me to have a depression. When you start to see that the treatment works it’s almost impossible to be depressed.  
I was to busy showing to my friends my new face J.

Let's think a little bit: I had vulgar acne for years; after I've bought maaany products and medicines (except Accutane) I honestly thought that is no cure for me. 
The big depression period happened during the past years, when I cried a lot and I had a very low self esteem. 
That was horrible but didn't make me jump of the roof. After a while, when finally, my skin improved a little bit...I was in heaven and I couldn't believe that I'm recovering...!!! 
Now, after six month, I look in the mirror and I think: this is not me!!!  

I have to mention that, one of the most common side effect appears at the beginning of the treatment when the acne gets worse...really worse...I didn't passed through this phase, but this could be the a good reason for a depression.
After my doctor informed me about that (she also recommended me a solution to use) I said that if something veery bad will happen, I'll stay in home for the entire period so nobody can see me.

I would like to repeat that...for me, the most "fatal" depression happened before I started the treatment, due to the low self esteem and to my social behavior.

If, you pass through the breakout that appears at the beginning at the treatment, you should think at the  benefits that will have after this period is over. For me, Roaccutane was the last I had nothing to lose...
If you really fell to somebody...a friend, a parent or your doctor.

Remember that your life is precious and you shouldn't give up to live for nothing in this world...

Take care,


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