May 18, 2011



Welcome to my I'm gonna write everything that I've experienced since I've began my Roaccutane treatment.

As far as I know until now Roaccutane=Accutane; the medicine is the same, the market name is different, I don't know why. I think that Roaccutane is named in Europe and Accutane in US. I’ll make a research about this later.

To make a long story long...I have to say that Roaccutane helped me a lotmy skin is looking great and rarely I have zits (usually they appear at my menses...sometimes I really want to be a boy :) ).

 Later I'm gonna post some pictures from the beginning.

I had acne since grade. Now I'm 23 year :( 
 It's been a while, unfortunately... through the years, the skin improved a little. 

Last year (on November 20) I started my Accutane treatment. My diagnostic was: Acne vulgaris. 

It's very important to know, that I recommend this product ONLY if you have severe acne and you are monitored by a doctor.

It's a long journey (until now 6 months) and I could talk about my experience all day; it's a litlle difficult to write it down…especially when English is not my primary language :D 

At the end, is important to find out some information, how my body responded to the treatment...who knows...maybe you are passing to the same things that I passed and I could help you.

Stay tuned for more...the story isn't over

Take care!


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