Jun 13, 2011

My accutane (roaccutane) dosage


 I'm back with a new post about the Roaccutane dose that I've took during the treatment.

I've started the treatment on 20 November (2010), with 40 mg; 2 pills in the morning and 2 pill after lunch.

On 1 April (2011), the doctor decrease the dose with 10 mg, until 30 mg/day; 2 pills in the morning and 1 after lunch.

From 15 July, my dose will be 20 mg, and I'll take the pills in the morning.

Each time I went to the doctor, was very important to calculate the total dose that I've taken. Until the last visit, on 07 June, my I've taken 7320 mg...or 7,3 g.  I have to say that I have 63 kilos or138.6 lbs ( I hope that the converter worked well...:) )

I know that the dose depends on :
  • the severity of your acne
  • your weight
  • how you respond on the treatment

I cannot appreciate the severity of my acne, but I took 40 mg at the beginning. I bought pills of 10 mg each, so I had to take 4 pills/day. 

I've read something on the Internet about the dosage of others...and I must say that I'm a little bit shocked, when I saw that someone took at the beginning of the treatment 70 mg.  Maybe he was a bigger guy :P

That's all for today :)

Have a nice week,

Ps: my dosage Roaccutane dosage will decrease on 27 October so click here.

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