Jun 4, 2011

I vote for the Roaccutane Treatment.

This article represents ONLY my opinion

Hello! I've decided to write something about this topic...if Shakespeare would live today, he would ask: "To take or not to take Roaccutane, this is the question".

I really think that the world it's divided in two parts; some are "for" the treatment and the others, "against".
When your health is in the game, you should think by yourself and take a decision that is right for your body.
Talk to a specialist not only with online forums, read medical articles and know which are the benefits and the side effects that can occur.

If somebody will ask me if I recommend this pill, first of all, I'll look at his/her face to see what kind of acne has. This medicine, Roaccutane is strong...very strong...so...I think that is recommended only for severe acne. 
In my case, for example, the doctor told me that it is the last solution!!! During the past years, I've tried many skin products, medicines, contraceptive pills but with no result. When I started the treatment, I looked and felt horrible: I had many painfully cysts, a red and oily skin; the back and the chest were also affected. 

Maybe your acne isn't so bad and you don't have to take Roaccutane :)
Maybe a new dermatologist  can prescribe you a different treatment that will work.

From my acne experience, I vote for the Roaccutane treatment because it helped me:
  • my skin isn't oily anymore
  • my pores are closed
  • rarely (usually when I'm on my menses) I have 2-3 new pimples
  • my skin isn't red anymore (rosaceea)
  • my skin is mat, without a foundation cream
  • until now (June 2011) my acne is cured 60-70% (according to my doctor)
  • my back acne is reduced with 50% (I still have some cysts)
  • many superficial scars are gone

When I've started the treatment, I was 23 years old. I had a severe acne that didn't respond to other treatments.
I'm under medical supervision.
I've done all the periodical blood tests requested by the doctor.
My dose decrease periodical, from 40 mg in the first  months to -  30mg  -20 mg- 10 mg per day - 10 mg at two days .
I've tried to have a healthy life style: good night sleep, fruits, vegetables, drink water, etc.

Here you will find the side effects that I experienced until now: my-side-effects. and here are the side effects that can appear: accutane-side-effects.

I'm under medical supervision, I'm doing blood tests...and everything seems to be ok UNTIL NOW.
I'm veery glad that this medicine was invented...I really though that is no cure for my acne. The treatment changed my face and my life....Life is beautiful, my skin is beautiful.

This article represents ONLY my opinion.
Remember that there are many people dealing with serious side effects...this is not a joke.
I know a girl that had quit  the treatment due to headaches. I know another two girls that are fine and have finished the treatment.
I don't know how it works...but for me is a cure and that's why I vote for the Roaccutane Treatment.

Is something bad happens...I'll be here to report.

Have a lovely day,


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