Jul 3, 2011

Don’t stare at my face!!!

I'm writing this post, especially for the ones that don't have acne. You lucky people!

You have to know a very important thing: acne is a major problem that affects the self esteem of the individual, especially the social life.

It's really difficult to go out with a cyst like the one from the picture :) trust me. Everybody will see it and you cannot hide it (I've tried).

That cyst is terrible but after 6 months of RoAccutane, is almost gone. 

December 2010, after 1 month of roaccutane.

Even if it's just an acquaintance or a best friend, please don't stare at his/her face. This is the biggest mistake that you can make. Don't stare!!! It's one of the most uncomfortable states that someone can experience How do you feel when somebody stares at you??? I bet is not very nice.

If you watch somebody with acne very carefully you will notice that they try to hide the marks. 

What they do to cover the face:
  • makeup
  • hair on the face
  • hats

You will see that, without knowing, the teens with acne, will try to hide this defect. Most of the time, the cream foundation and the makeup aren't enough.

For example, I had long hair to cover the lateral sides of my face. I never had a ponytail. No way!!!

Others prefer to wear hats so they can hide all the face.

When I had acne, I hated my face sooo much and through all those years I haven't made any close up picture. It was horrifying to see me with red skin, cysts, and white heads in the picture.

When my doctor demanded me to take pictures monthly I didn't wanted to do it. I simply said that I don't want to see me like that, and especially to remember after years of how I looked. I just want to forget it all.

My story

I'm writing this post because I've remembered a short episode that happened last summer. In our department, a new colleague arrived and I was the one that had to present her the program that we were using. She was sitting next to me.

When we were talking, we were very close, face to face. While I was explaining, I saw how her eyes were rolling all over my face, looking at the skin. I felt terrible!!! I didn't say anything and I had continued the training. So embarrassing :D

If you have acne, you can overcome the skin problem
  • be confident, when you talk to people look into their eyes
  • if you see that somebody is staring, act like you didn't notice. 
  • don't speak about your acne if you are uncomfortable
  • go on with your life and don't let acne hold you behind
  • accept the people that want to encourage you
  • remember that the friends that you have today are the ones that you will always have 

Does your friend has acne? Here are a few things that you can do:
  • look into their eyes when you talk  
  • If your aren't a close friend, I think that is better to don't open the conversation about acne...
  • Don't make fun of their look. Never!!! 
  • Protect someone that is in a unconformable situation or change the topic of the discussion
  • If they don't want to do some things or go out because of their look, be sure that you are there to encourage them. 
  • Don't stare!!!

That's all for today. Stay strong and positive.

Take care,

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