Aug 24, 2011

Severe Acne Treatment

If you didn’t saw a doctor until now, what are u waiting for?

Generally speaking, severe acne is s characterized by nodules and cysts, blackheads and whiteheads. During the years that I’ve experienced all of that crap I’ve tried sooo many products: creams, washing gels, different solutions but without any result.

My skin was irritated and full of cysts and nodules (especially on my chin and on my cheeks) that I was wishing so much to be able to take it off, like a mask.

I felt that all my problems came from the inside of the body not from the outside; I felt that treating the skin on the outside was in vain, because, even if the products worked and maybe I’ll have 1-2 pimples less, after a few days new ones appeared.

I’m pretty sure that you’ve experienced the same thing...many products just aren’t enough for your face. The next step that you should do is to see a doctor.

You’ll gone dig deep:
  •        Blood test for hormones ( level of testosterone, estrogen)
  •        Tests for birth control pills (will help your hormones also)
  •        Tests for streptococci
  •        Test for Roaccutane
  •        Test for other pills

After you can control the problem from the inside of the body you will be able to stop the evolution of the pimples. That was my solution: after I’ve begun to take Roaccutane the new pimples appeared rarely and my skin had the time to improve and to revive.

In my case, a good result appeared after 6 months of Roaccutane treatment. The pills worked inside my body and reduced the amount of oil produced and also reduced the size of the oil glands. I’m almost sure that no cream or washing gel could do that.

If you aren’t satisfied with your acne treatments try something else…if you can’t collaborate well with your doc go find another one. NEVER GIVE UP.

We live in 2011 and acne must have a cure.

The most important thing that you should learn now is to NEVER GIVE UP TO SEARCH A TREATMENT.  
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