Sep 25, 2011

After 11 months of Roaccutane...

After 11 months of Roaccutane...I thought that many of the side effects are gone. I have great skin and in the last 3-4 months no more pimples. The best part is that I didn't fell any dry lips or dry hands...until a week ago. 

I went to London for a few days and due to the cold and windy weather, the side effects reappeared. As you may know, it rains, the temperature is low and in the mornings and especially in the evenings is sooo cold...everybody had worm clothes and I had a T-shirt under my jacket :D

 I remember that I was looking in my luggage for some cream to cover my hands and my feet. After washing, the water make them feel so dry....Is not a side effect that is very serious but it makes you fell really uncomfortable

Now I'm thinking that many of the dry effects are worse when the cold weather is around. 

The autumn is coming...and be prepared: you must buy a moisturizing cream.

Ps: I love London :)
A less sunny day in London
St Paul's top view

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