Oct 13, 2011

The best thing that acne gives you is ... ?

Yeah...I'm pretty sure that you are a little surprised and you are wondering which is the answer. Maybe you think that I'm crazy but, really, there is a good thing..

I'm writing this post because I wanna talk about the "bright" side of having acne... I know that everybody hates it but, if you have acne for a long time you must learn to cope...this is what I've done. Is very difficult to be each day depressed and you should break that state of mind.

I know that it sounds weird but the first step is to see the positive part of the situation. So, today I'm gonna start with the best thing that acne gives you: friends.
I know that during this period you don't have many, but you have to realize that they are the best that you'll ever have.
They like you just the way you are, they know you...it doesn't count that you have half of the face read with zits and other nasty things..:)  they still spend time with you because they like you...you are funny, you are smart and they can see that...
They understand your problem and fell you when you are sad...I think that a personal connection is important in a friendship and even if is related to a negative aspect (acne) still creates a bond.

You have to remember:
It doesn't matter that you have 1 or 3 friends...around them you can be yourself and this is what is important.

A few days ago, I've meet a very good friend that I haven't seen since last year. She was amazed that my skin looked so good....
When she told me that I look very good, for one second I didn't know about what she is talking;
After a few seconds of thinking, the first image that came in my mind was the "old" me with an ugly face...

I'm taking Roaccutane since November last year and now I have a clear face with no pimples, no oily face and no more inflamated and red zones. I'm living with the "new" version of me for a couple of months...and I totally forgot who I was...I cannot believe it !!!

She was very happy for me and I realized that my healing made both of us happy...
Is great to have someone to share your achievement...

In conclusion :
Do not neglect the persons that are close to you and make you feel good. You have to value their friendship. It can be your high-school colleague, your neighbor and...especially your family.

So, what is the best thing that acne gives you?

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