Oct 1, 2011

Do you really have the worst acne?

Do you really have the worst acne?
Are you sure? Really, really sure?

I know that every teen with a few pimples thinks that has the worst acne ever...It's difficult to be patient and wait, but here is the good news: it can be worse!!! 

I'm saying this because from my experience, when I had acne, I always thought that my skin looks horrible. Day after day I was stressed and I rarely saw an improvement of my skin. It is difficult to live like this...

Now, when I'm looking at my old pictures I see that I had periods when my face looked pretty well (or I had a very good foundation :) but I didn't knew that...I couldn't be glad and enjoy myself, because on my mind it was fixed the idea that I had the worst acne ever.

And you know what? After a few years I saw what severe acne looks and feels like and I wished to have the skin before that.
Exactly one year ago, my acne got really, really bad. I was terrified because then I had another problem: the pain. I had cysts under my skin that hurt me; my face was deformed on the both sides because I had cysts on my cheeks. Immediately I went to a doctor!!!

Soooo...the moral of today's story: don't be stressed if you don't have enough reasons!

1.     Forget about the nasty thoughts
2.     Enjoy the better days of your skin
3.     Seek the results
4.     Follow the treatment
5.     Be confident

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