Oct 24, 2011

The last phase of the Roaccutane Treatment: 10mg/day

Hello my dear,
I'm very glad to tell the whole world that my Roaccutane dosage will decrease starting 27 October.
Finally, I'll take only one pill a day ..and this equals 10 mg/day. 
If you don't remember, during this treatment I've took a lot of pills...at the beginning, my dose was 40mg/day so each day I took 4 pills!!! 2 in the morning and 2 after lunch...I think I have a pretty strong liver :D

My next visit at the doctor will be on late December...

I'm very curios to see how my skin will react. I think that many of the side effects will "fade". Now I have only dry lips and dry hands but with a good moisturizing cream the problem will be solved.

This is the final stage of my treatment and I'm more scared than happy...why? Because I'll die if my acne will comeback... :( Let's take it easy...until now nothing bad happened...let's breathe.
I'v talk to my doc about this aspect and she explained me that it will be ok because the dosage will decrease slow and is not interrupted suddenly. 
I hope that she's right.

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