Oct 29, 2011

The most important thing you must have during the Roaccutane/Accutane treatment

Hello boys and girls...welcome back!

Today I'm gonna share some "inside tip"...I thought that maybe you wanna begin the Roaccutane treatment and  I wanna tell you what is the most important thing you must have: a lip balm, a lipstick any moisturizing product for LIP CARE.

If you are a boy don't go away, don't run :) you will not have red lips during the treatment :D (but will be soft and...very kissable :D). The big companies have a solution for you to :)

I'm almost 100% sure that you will experience some veeery dry lips, but don't be scared because we have a very simple solution for that: lip care products. don't be scared..is not soo bad...it's a little bit :D a little bit more...: it's annoying and you will bite your lips and wish to eat them. 

But you know which is the best part? 
  • Your skin worth all the discomfort  
  • you can get rid of the dry lips sensation
  • and you'll have very beautiful lips after a while

Let's get back to serious stuff. Remember, I'm talking from my own experience...maybe you will think that it's weird, but during the cold season I consume one product per 4 or 5 weeks...almost one per month :D During the summer I didn't use it so much...It is hot, sunny, you are sweating and the skin isn't so dry.
But, the problem is that during the autumn/winter is very cold and windy and you must know that even if you don't take any pills, you must use moisturizing creams (If you are a boy watch the ladies...they always will use some cream for their hands).

You should know that the Roaccutane Treatment is not recommended during the summer because you shouldn't be expose to sunshine. Also, at the beginning of the treatment, the dosage will be high and dry skin side effect of the Roaccutane will be more intense.

As you may know, during the Roaccutane treatment I didn't had severe side effects and If you are curious to  find out what side effects I've experienced you should click here . I think that is an important information for you...click here .

So, returning to our lip sticks...you should'n forget to buy at least one product...I have one in my bag, one on my desk at home and another one next to my bed because each night I must have pretty lips...I'm the sleeping beauty :) Actually even now,  when I'm writing this post I used a lips stick... a red one :D So it's a muuust have. If you forget it you will bite your lips all day or drink a lot of water or put water on your lips (yes...I did that to..:D it was a natural water shine ;)

You should remember that it is a veeery uncomfortable side effect but also you have a simple solution: a lip balm.

Because you're on the right place, here with me  :)  you're gonna hear the positive effect of this side effect :D
So dear girl and dear boy, don't be focused only the bad part of the dry lips...there are solutions as presented above and also, you will have other benefits. I think that this part is addressed especially to the ladies:
- soft and kissable lips ( I like how kissable sounds :)
- you can choose from a wide range of flavors
- you will be a more "lady" girl because you will take care of your lips and apply a moisturizing often
- all day long you will have beautiful lips

And for the guys:
- also soft and kissable lips :)
- you can find a lip balm without colour or flavour

I used maany products for lip care and many brands and know I'm faithful to Nivea.
The lips sticks aren't very moisturizing and I'm not good at using it :D
Also, I've tried Garnier but no...I prefer Nivea because the all the lip balms have shea butter which is very moisturizing.

So, let me introduce you to my favorites:

1:Glamorous Gloss NIVEA

On my first place is the Glamorous Gloss...

I looove the natural shine. 
It's easy to apply 
It makes you feel more...girlish :)
You can use it when you wanna go out in the evenings

2: Nivea Soft Rose

It's the most used product until now...
It has a beautiful rose colour
Easy to apply because it has a soft colour.
Very moisturizing

3: Nivea pure& natural with Olive and Lemon

I looove the flavor
Very moisturizing

And now, for the boys there is Nivea for Men.

is not shiny
has no fragrance 
...at least that is writin' on the website...I didn't try it :D

perfect for you :)
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