Nov 24, 2011

I was afraid to start the Ro/Accutane Treatment and I still have some worries

Was I afraid to start the Roaccutane Treatment?
Yesss. Even if now I'm glad I did the beginning I wasn't so happy...I was scared and terrified that something bad would happen to me...

Now, even if everything goes well, I still have some tiny dark thoughts: maybe something can happen with my liver...maybe after I'll finish  the treatment acne will reaper...I want you to observe that now, my thoughts are related to the end of the treatment...

Why I've rejected the treatment?
2 words: Side Effects
I'm pretty sure that everyone had/has this phase...
I know that many other medicines have side effects but Roaccutane has ...a whole list !!!

You know what scared me the most?
Very Dry skin + Depression

I've heard from my roommate that her friend had veeery dry lips that looked terrible..and also a dry face...
But the real problem was another one...I think that is crazy that on the side effect list you find: depression and suicide!!! Oh My God!!! I cannot understand this....If I take this pill I'm gonna die? I'm gonna jump in front of the car? I'm gonna cry all the time? what will happen?
Lately I've read online about all the side effects lawsuit against Roaccutane and I was shocked...
How can you say that death is a side effect???

I don't know if I'm lucky or not but until now everything was depression or crying...
The dry skin was intense in the first months, between November and March. I had a dose of 40mg and my skin was exfoliating over and over again...You know which is the best part of this?  Many of the superficial marks are gone. I felt like a new skin was growing :D
All the effort worth the new skin :)

How I started the treatment:

My first doctor was a 35 years old guy...When I've asked him about the side effects he told me on a very relaxed tone that I shouldn't be interested in all the effects and that I'll have no problem...only the dry skin is relevant. He was almost right... but because he didn't answer my question, didn't explain me what happens during the treatment and what should I do...I just hated him. How can you treat me like that?
I was scared because I saw so many stuff online and I had no answers...I left and never went back :D
If your doctor is the same and you don't trust him maybe you should change him

After I left the clinic I was very depressed because I thought that my acne has no cure. I knew about Roaccutane but I didn't want to start it and I didn't understand why we are living in 2010 (last year) and the modern medicine has no cure for me.
I gave up searching for a solution...I looked terrible and I felt worse...I started to cry a lot, then I was depressed!!! I tried to get used with the idea that always I'll have acne...always I will be ugly...

After a few months my father insisted to go to another dermatologist. I didn't want because I thought that I'll be disappointed again and also I'll lose the money for the consultation.
I didn't know where to go, so I've asked google :) I've search a dermatological clinic online.

After a while I found one...I saw the resume of the doctor: she has studies in UK, in Germany and a wide experience in the area.
Also, somewhere was written that "we can cure any type of acne". Usually I think that this phrases are just a joke:D  I was so desperate and I thought that if she can cure any type of acne she can cure me also :(
It was my hope...
Also, she was experienced and I had more trust...

After all I had nothing to lose...I was just curios to see what she can tell me.

She was very calm and worm...After looking at my face, she told me that Roaccutane was my last chance and I should have started the treatment much 18-19 years not at 22 :(.
When I've heard that I began to ask a lot of questions about the side effects, over and over again...She answered all the questions and explained me what should I do...I
I was very happy to know that not all of the side effects can appear and only one part are common. Depression and suicide aren't common; dry skin is but we have moisturizing products :)

I said that I can try the treatment for a while, to see how it, on 24 November I'm still trying and it works very well :)

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Think very well before you're taking an important decision for your future...good luck!

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