Nov 12, 2011

What means one year of Roaccutane Treatment? 1076 pills and 4 sets of blood tests.

20 November is a big day for me… I celebrate a year of  Roaccutane Treatment J

I’ve started the Roaccutane Treatment on 20 November 2010.
Since that day, I took 1076 Pills which means a total dose of 10760 mg, I went to the doctor 6 times and also I’ve made 4 sets of blood tests.  I hope that I've done the right math :)

I have a strong liver and 4 blood tests were enough. I've stayed in the "parameters" during the year, with the right level of cholesterol and fat. Also, I have to tell you that once I've started the treatment I was more careful with what I eat and drink. Less fat and fast food and more fruits, vegetables and water. I've improved my lifestyle and I hope that I'll keep it for a long time.

So, don't forget to improve your lifestyle! Be careful what you eat!

At my first dermatologic consult my doctor told me that I will have a beautiful spring. That was partially true because not only the spring, but also the whole year was beautiful…I could say extraordinary.

If you previously read the “about me” section, you might now that I had acne since I was in 7th grade, during high-school and also during the college. For many years I tried to fight this disease but with no real success.
This treatment has done many other things than clearing my skin; healed my self esteem, my communication ability and also my styleJ.

I’m living the best period of my life.
Now I can talk to people without knowing that they have something to stare at and I can wear makeup without looking that I have a mask on.

Even if a year passed I will not stop my treatment yet. At the beginning of November my Roaccutane dosage decreased from 20 mg/day to 10 mg/day; I’m taking only one pill daily.  I’m nervous about the “big finale” I hope and pray that the acne will not reappear after I finish the treatment.

If you have a chance to start any type of acne treatments do it. Right now! Don’t wait anymore, you lose precious time and unfortunately you cannot afford that.

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