Nov 13, 2011

What should you expect when you start a Ro/Accutane Treatment

During my first doctor visit, before starting the Roaccutane treatment,  she explained to me:
  • which are the most common side effects that can appear
  • what blood test should I take during the treatment

What side effects can appear
I was amazed that the list wasn't very long as I saw it on the Internet; there were written only the most common side effect that can appear:
  1. chapped lips
  2. conjunctivitis
  3. dryness of nose, mild nosebleed
  4. hand and feet exfoliation
  5. joint and muscle pain
  6. temporary hair loss
  7. increasing of the acne at the beginning of the treatment 
  8. anemia
  9. increasing of liver enzymes
  10. increasing of LDH level
  11. decreasing of LDL level
  12. pregnancy is forbidden 
  13. and "hyperostosis" I hope that's the right word. I'm not good with the medical terms :D
If you are curios to find out which side effects I've experienced click here.

I'm almost 100% sure that you will experience veeery dry lips, but don't be scared because we have a very simple solution for that: lip care products; don't be not soo's a little bit :D a little bit more...: it's annoying and you will bite your lips and wish to eat them. 

But you know which is the best part? 
  • you can get rid of the dry lips sensation
  • and you'll have very beautiful lips after a while
The trick is available for girls and also for boys..without flavor or colour.

The girls should be very careful because the biggest risk is that we should not get pregnant during the treatment and 2 years after the treatment. Remember, birth defects. Get contraception girl!

Do not take vitamin A during the Ro/Accutane treatment!!!

Blood tests that I should repeat monthly:

  1. Liver enzymesliver transaminases (AST/ALT (SGOT/SGPT)
  2. Cholesterol, triglyceride, lipids 
  3. A complete blood count (CBC)
  4. Sed rate, or erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)

English is not my primary language so, please excuse any possible mistake especially in the medical field. I hope that the you have understood the basic and you have a general idea.

I was very scared by all the side effects and I took all the blood test when the doctor asked me.
Never skip them because a blood test is vital for your health. It shows how your body is dealing with the pills and if something goes wrong you doctor can decrease the dosage.
Don't play with the blood tests! It's veery serious. Understood?

I hate needles too..but after all is not that bad: close your eyes and everything will pass. I promise :)

Have a lovely week...:)

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