Dec 31, 2011


Hello World!!!

2012 is almost here, and I'v made my "balance sheet": what assets I have, what wishes came true, what I've done this year... You must have a list to check.

My favorite chapter is dedicated to my health. I wanna share the news with all the world...I wanna scream...I'm gonna explode of joy.
For me, 2011 is the best year of my life. Is THE FIRST YEAR WITHOUT ACNE!!! Maybe I'm overreacting and I'm boring you, but...I'm so happy!

It's the first year of my adult life, without zits, red spots and oil skin. The Roaccutane treatment helped me a lot! At the beginning of the year, I had some zits (it was the first semester of the treatment) but until summer my skin was clear and beautiful. I really love to look at my face in the mirror :)

If you have a skin with problem, and especially a severe acne, please, don't give a treatment that will work. 2012 will be the end of your acne..2012 will be your year!

Don't forget!!! For the next year, on the top of your list must be an acne treatment!
You know what's next for me? Scar treatment. 

I will start a series of micro abrasion procedure. I'm looking forward!

See you next year!

2012 is so close !!! Have a great party and fireworks!!!

 I wish you a clear new year!!!
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