Jan 3, 2012

My Goal for 2012: Forget about acne

Wow! my first post from 2012...Hello to you!!!
I'm very excited to make my "battle" plan for 2012 and also to share it with you.

As you may know from the previous post (), 2011 was an amazing year for my skin...it made miracles. I had a severe acne but with the help of God and my good doctor I succeeded to get rid of my acne. I'm still following my Roaccutane Treatment (last phase of 10mg/day) and I'm very glad that until now I didn't have many side effects.

Unfortunately, 2011 is gone but the good news is that we are facing a new beginning...I hope that 2012 will bring you a lot of joy, happiness, a clear skin and more confidence in yourself.

Let's start with the short version of my list:

  • don't forget to take my Roaccutane pills
  • take care of the skin during summer
  • clean my make-up each day
  • take one microabrasion procedure per month until March
I asked my doctor what can I do about my acne scars...even if I don't have any pimples now, I can see the marks that acne made on my skin :(
So, the doctor advised me to begin a microabrasion procedure. I have to do 3 sessions until March. As far as i know is recommended to: take 2-3 days off after the procedure because the skin is red :D
I'll do it on Friday...i hope that the weekend is enough for the recovery.I'll be back with other information after my first try.

I really hate to show you this images...but...I'll get over it :D In this way you can see why I insist to begin an abrasion procedure:) I'm looking forward to post pictures after my first microabrasion procedure. If the scars will go away, I'll be a free girl :) That's my number one goal for 2012.

This is how my acne scars appear at daylight

It looks better at normal light

Hope 2012

  • I have a beautiful skin and I hope that acne will not reaper after I stop taking Roaccutane
  • Finish the Roaccutane treatment this year ( the acne from my back is still active; once a month I have some cysts...)

I have other goals that are related to my body. A healthy life style will make my body match with my beautiful skin. Also, a healthy food will make my liver strong...and I need it to process all the pills I get.

  • lose weight (5 kilos or 10 pounds)
  • go to the gym or home aerobic (I love Shaun T)
  • more salads and less Coke, Mc Donald's and chocolate

What are your plans for 2012?
Are you planing to see a dermatologist next week? Do it..as soon as possible; don't forget!

Kisses :)

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