Feb 8, 2012

exfoliated skin = less marks

Today I'm gonna share with you one of the benefits that I have due to the Roaccutane treatment.

At the beginning of the treatment, my face was veery dry and my skin started to peel real bad..one my nose, cheeks even the skin of my eyebrows...I was like...wtf, is this possible?...:D
I was a little panicked because I couldn't use foundation...
After all, is not that bad...I would better have an exfoliated skin than a pimple. In the end, it was a result that the pill worked.

Remember, that once with the exfoliated skin, many of the marks disappear. I have an example for you today...I'm glad I noticed that.

  • No Roaccutane treatment was started.
  • No Photoshop
  • with foundation..but nothing can hide that:D
  • just a normal day...you will see that the scar is deep into the skin, and also has skin on the outside...I mean...if you touch it you could feel it. 
  • I used my nails against a pimple.

With scar
Summer 2010

  • no make up
  • no Photoshop
  • after one year and 2 months of Roaccutane
  • I've made it today to show you how it looks...but I saw that the scar "disappeared"  since last spring.
  • I used the "macro" function from my camera.

"Fading" scar
Today, 08 February 2012

What do you think?

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