Feb 15, 2012

Social life - part one

What is the adolescence?
For me is the time when you meet love, you start to party, when you want to have nice clothes to be chic, or to wear make-up. You're young and happy...you can save the world...

But, now let me tell you my side of the story:
I began to have a moderate acne when I was 13 years old...and that created me many difficulties in my social life:

  • I didn't  wear fashionable clothes because I thought that I will captivate attention on them and also, the people will see my face
  • I didn't wear a low-cut neck, a shirt without braces or without short sleeves because I felt uncomfortable with my back acne :( 
  • I was not interested in make-up because it looked like a mask...and with pimples and red spots there was no point in having a blush, mascara or eye shadow. I used very much foundation to cover my spots :)  foundation, concealer and powder were my friends:)
  •  I had long hair to cover my face (cheeks) 
  • I hated close-up pictures...no camera was near my face
I'm proud of myself that I've gone on and with the help of my high-school colleagues my social life was fine...we went out often, parties and so on.  With time, in high-school I succeeded to "ignore" some of the above items :) and I became more relaxed with the people around me. 
I also went to the seaside: beach, sun and bathing suit :) My problem was not related to my weight...my fear was to undress; actually I was scared about what my friends will say about me...that's the real reason

Even if I had friend, at the beginning of the high-school my self confidence regarding my love life was low, very low. I was always thinking:"how can somebody look me in the eyes so close? He will see my eyes through all the pimples? What he actually sees?" I don't have an answer for this question, but me and my boyfriend are together since college; when the acne got pretty bad and I started the Roaccutane Treatment.

Oh God, I'm happy that all passed and I had the opportunity to enjoy most of the things that the age offered me...do the same!

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