Oct 21, 2012

I have acne...and feelings to

Hello darling,

I'm glad to see you again...:)
I have new ideas for my blog and I want to know what you think.
Until now, on this blog I have wrote more about my treatment and less about my feelings.
Generally speaking, when someone hears about acne, automatically is focused on pimples and creams. I wanna make them aware that is not enough.

Sometimes, I really wanna shout out loud:

Hey boy/girl/sister/brother/mom/dad ! the acne doesn't affect only my skin but also my feeling...Sometimes I feel depressed, lonely, ugly....How should I handle all of this? What to do you say ?

Maybe, if the people around us, our friends and family will understand that, we, will have an easy life.

During the last years with acne I felt miserable... there were some feelings and ideas that I didn't had the courage to admit or the pronounce in my mind. I have a recent example to show it. I hope that the courage will set me free :)

A few days before my doctor visit I had 2-3 little zits that ruined my days...I was very panicked and my doc saw me.
The last thing that she told me was:  Everyone has a pimple from time to time..is normal. You don't have acne anymore. Go on with your life. Forget the past. 

I've started to cry very loud and I had in mind only one thought that I couldn't pronounce: all my life I lived focusing on my face and my pimples, how can I change that ? How can I stop analyzing my face ?

Even if it may seem a stupid thought it made me cry all evening and I haven't had the courage to say it out loud...nobody knows that..neither my mom, dad, or my boyfriend...
I'm to ashamed to say it...
So, I'm here to take a first step.
I'm telling you. I think that's a start.

I wanna go on with this blog and help the ones that need  support or an encouragement.

I wanna say it all. No holding back...yes, I've cried a lot, I was very shy, I was depressive and I let a pimple to dictate how my day it will be.

Maybe, if you will find out that we share the same experience you will feel better.

It's so good not to be alone.

Here you're safe :)

Good night,

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