Nov 26, 2012

After Roaccutane: November update

Oh..I almost forgot!!!

It's time for a November update

On November 2011 I have started my Roaccutane Treatment...
On 18 July 2012 I took my last pill...and until now, there are almost 4 months with no more pills.

My skin looks great...!
In October I has some little pimples but it's all gone...
My Doctor recommended me to use once a week a cream with Retin-A.; when my skin began to exfoliate I couldn't stop "scrubbing"  my face...and I think that's the reason why the pimples appeared.
Since then, I try to stay with my hands far, far away from my face...and my skin looks nice :)

The skin and my hair are a little oily...but it's ok.

Now I look great and I feel great !!!

Help me God to stay the same!!!

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