Dec 5, 2012

Acne Private Emotion: Friends and Lovers.

I know that it sucks to have acne and to have the feeling that you lose so many things: maybe you don't have many friends or a lover, maybe you don't wanna go to a party because you have a new pimple,etc

You know what?

F**k that acne and go out and have a great time!!!

You are the one that can decided how you feel: great or sad.

You're young and you should take advantage of what life has prepared for you. Why should you miss it? Why?
Go out, have fun!
I wasn't a socialite in high-school, but I had a few best friends which didn't care about the way I look. We have sooo many great times together: birthday parties, nights out, New Year's Eve Party, Prom.
Every day at school was funny and even the classes passed by sooner :)

Love can be fixed to :)
To make someone fall in love, you need a pretty look and ALSO a cool attitude!!!
Even if I hadn't a perfect look, I have discovered that I'm a cool person. Really, I would love to hang out with me :) and I totally love myself :)
I didn't know how much the personality counts...we all think that we need a thin body, clear skin and the best clothes in the world to have a perfect lover. All this stuff only you help you to be in the spotlight, but this is everything?
If you want a superficial relation for short-term...I think that's enough...and it's ok.
But, if you want more than that...if you want to connect with a real person need to be funny, happy and relaxed. You need a personality, a soul..the body (and that face) is not enough.

In my case, during the high-school I was very shy and I used to underestimate myself in the relations with boys (I'm so embarrassed to say this).
I knew I hadn't a great look and I just quit.
I supposed that no one can love me (stupid mind of a 16 years old girl!!! Don't do the same).

But, from time to time, I saw that a cute boy  from my group of friends likes me.
If you spend a good time with someone and have seems that the body isn't so important. The personality is that one that makes the difference...and even you are shy or introvert you will find someone like you or...someone that has a better different opinion.

"Hey...why do you say that you're ugly/shy/other bullshit? I don't think so..maybe you say that because your upset".
All this years, I  had such a bad opinion about myself...this is Self-Sabotaging. 
Stop it and give yourself a chance to be relaxed for a while.

Give it a chance:

  • Chose to ignore the pimples in the morning...and don't let them decide how the day will be.
  • Chose to ignore the pimples for an hour....and go out and have fun.
  • Chose to ignore the pimples for a minute and let someone get close to you.
  • Chose to ignore the pimples for a second and receive a kiss.
  • Choose to be happy.


Every endless night has a dawning day 
Every darkest sky has a shining ray 
It takes a lot to laugh as your tears go by 
But you can find me here till your tears run dry.

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