Jan 6, 2013

2012 skin and moral review !!!

I can't believe that another year is gone...!!!

I've read the post written last year about my plans for 2012 and I can feel the excitement of the words.
Now, I've comeback with the sequel.I have only good news to share and I'm so excited to share with you what happened in 2012, my second year without acne.

When I'm saying this "my second year without acne" I feel so beautiful and relieved...It's literally the best thing that happen in my life until now, there is no other accomplishment that can compare.
The end of acne really transformed me..from head to toe...I'm another girl...
All the effort, the pills, the blood tests, the cries and the patience were worth the wait.

On July 18, 2012 I took the last pill of Roaccutane after 9 months of treatment. I hope that I've counted well.

In the first two months I didn't had zits, even if it was summer and hot outside.
After a while, little zits appeared...I wasn't worry because were small and superficial...in a couple of days, disappeared.

I was panicked in October when another "stronger" zits appeared...it was small but painful...my whole world crushed and I started to cry again...worrying that my acne will comeback.
My doctor assured me that I won't have that cysts that I had at the begging at the treatment...and told me that everyone has a zit once in a while...
Also, she recommended me a RETIN-A cream to use once a week.
If I remember correctly, in that period, I had put the hands on my face and "scratch" it a lot...to help the exfoliation. BAD IDEA. I've stopped that.

Recently, in December, I had another 2 ugly pimples that appeared during my period. One on my back and another one on close to a year. Today I've observed that the one from my face fade and is not hurting anymore...
Also, the skin is oily...I try to wash my face better, I use products for oily skin and during the day I use napkins to remove the sebum.
I don't use any hydrating cream...only, from time to time, foundation.
Sometimes I wish to be a boy..with no menstrual cycle and hormones playing around each month :D

Now, it looks better...with 2 healing zits. No damage was done; is not very distinguishable;  I can survive.
No big deal.
This year I've done only one micro abrasion procedure and I still have some scars from my acne.

My blood test were ok...and my liver survived after all this pills. if I'm not drinking I must give it some work to do :)

Generally speaking, now I'm satisfied with the treatment and with my skin after 6 months of treatment.I hope that next year I will feel the same.
If something happens, I will use my retin a cream, and if it's ugly I'll see my doctor. I'll keep you updated.

I hope that you have begun a treatment or you plan to see a doctor soon.
Be happy  and excited about a new start..2013 is here and can be the best year for you!!!

Love you,


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