Feb 23, 2013

8 tips how to get rid of temporary acne sadness

8 tips: how to get rid of temporary acne sadness



Today I’m excited to share with you a new idea…I’m pretty sure that you would like it and maybe apply it :)
One day, I was thinking about how can I get rid of a bad mood.
Do you remember that days when you’re sad and bored ...and suddenly something happens and you forget about everything?

What really happens?

Focus is everything! 

If you are complaining constantly about your acne and you stay in your bed thinking about the problems of your skin you will not be able to get rid of them.

Maybe you don’t have a healthy skin, but why suffer more just thinking about that? Follow your treatment and wait. It won’t go overnight.
Do yourself a favor and have a good time. You deserve to take a break from “yourself”.

The key element: think of something else…it you can think of something funny, it’s perfect :)
I was searching some examples that work for me and that’s what I found:

  1. Read a few pages from a book / magazine/ website
  2. Read   the news: sports, movies, gossip: have you seen what Kim K has done lately? I know that’s not very interesting but just go and read it and say: “it’s stupid: )”
  3.  Concentrate on your homework… at least a part :)
  4.  See funny videos on YouTube... cats, dogs, epic fail
  5. Sport: fitness, running, swimming etc. I guarantee that will totally change your mood.
  6. If you have a dog, please go and play together...it's so fun; personally, I'm loving it :)
  7. “Call a friend” it’s not only a option for “who wants to be a millionaire  show ! just ask about the plans for next weekend, when is the deadline for the next project, etc
  8.  Go out with a friend: drink a coffee, see a movie…just go out.

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