Feb 16, 2013

Don't cry for me grandma

During the years I had acne, I didn't accept to speak very much about my treatment or how I felt...I was very ashamed...

Even when my skin got clear and the Roaccutane had a fantastic effect I still couldn't talk about that period...so I've decided to write this blog. Now I know that was a very good idea. You should try it to.

I'm writing this blog from a long time and today I'm feeling somehow detached from the experiences I had during acne. 

In this article, I'm gonna write about one of the most painful experiences I ever had: my grandma started to cry when she saw my face.

The truth is that my face looked terrible and I knew that she will react in this way. She didn't see me in that year and I knew how much she suffered because of my acne.

Wait ! There is also a best part :) The crying lasted only for 15 minutes and we got over it fast :D the rest of the weekend was great.

  •  Our best friends suffer for us even if we don't notice
  • Sometimes they don't realize what impact have their actions on us...so don't be upset

 What's the best part of this story?
  •  I knew that she will be sad and maybe will cry, but I still went to see her. Because she lives in another city, I could visit her only 1 or 2 times per year. I couldn't give up to see my grandma only because I had acne
  • Next year my skin looked so much better and I've made her happy ( after the starting of Roaccutane treatment).

The good part is that today I'm not affected anymore, it's just an old memory.  
Unfortunately today she is not here with me anymore...but even if I had acne I would go to see her each time I had the chance.

I know how difficult it could be to meet old friends when you're acne is getting worse...but you have to choose.

What's more painful:
  1. don't meet your old friend which you would love to see...to stay home and think about what a wonderful time you would have or
  2. take the courage to go out and met him/her...have a great evening and go home happy.
What's the win for the second choice?
  • you have a normal life...you're not stuck in depressive mood or between 4 walls
  • maybe you find out that your face doesn't look as terrible as you think...maybe it's your imagination. Your friend will tell you that.
  • if it's really bad, you friend will try to help you
  • after the acne discussion is closed...you will go on and talk about your favorite stuff
  • you have ambition and you are much powerful that you think...I know I was :) and I'm proud!

Do the right things even if it's difficult. In the end, you are the winner :)

I hope that the story from today was helpful :)

If you have any related stories you want to share or just wanna say  hi" don't hesitate...I'm looking forward to hear from you.

Take care and have a wonderful weekend!



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