Feb 10, 2013

Motivation during the acne treatment

Hello boys and girls,

Today I'm gonna talk about a very important part of any acne treatment: motivation.

If a must for skin healing is patience, motivation is the power that helps you to get through the treatment.

I hated to take pills and use tones of acne solutions but the hope that my skin will be clear was the one that pushed me forward.

I had acne for maaany years and after many treatments and many disappointments I had quit the fight. I had no hope. You shouldn't think the same..it's a big bullshit :D

Change your focus on the positive side:

treatments that worked and stories of people who have been successful in fighting and defeating acne. Believe me that's not just a story...it's the beautiful true :)

To understand that other people with a similar problem have succeeded  will be a strong motivational factor for you.

Lately, I have discovered the site www.howtheygotridofacne.com. There you can read the interview about how I got rid of acne and many other inspirational stories.

The site publishes stories of "acne fighters": the strategies they adopted, the treatments they underwent, the issues they faced and more. I'm sure that will be great source of information for you.

Enjoy your reading,


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