Feb 27, 2013

new pimple alert!

As you may know, when something related to my acne happens, I'm here to note it...I'm really curios to see how the skin reacts after the Roaccutane Treatment.

Today I must report a very unfriendly pimple that appeared right in the middle of one cheek...it looks horrible...:( but at least it's only scary one :D

I have a few other pimples(4-5), but they don't hurt me and aren't so ugly.

Just when I've started to feel good about my look, acne returns with a slap in the face...literally :(
That bitch! 

Reason of visit: hormonal causes...menses again.
Period of visit: at least 7 days...today it's the second day, and it still hurts me..is still sore
What I have used: a Retin-A cream
Conclusion: I wish I could transform into a boy only for a few days...but it must be a pretty boy:)
To do: Apply foundation, and go on...tomorrow it could be worse :D

Well...that's all for today,
I'm going to break the mirror and listen to some music, so I can forget about this post :D



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