Jun 19, 2013

Alexandra Stan tragedy


Today I wanna share with you the shocking news that I found recently...I know that is "out of the topic" but I really love Alexandra and I'm writing this post to support her.
A few days ago I found out what Alexandra was beaten by her manager.

The big shock came when I saw the pictures with her face and the TV interviews. For one second I wished that everything was a joke...but when I saw the video I couldn't believe my eyes.

I cannot imagine how someone can beat another human being in such a way and especially a women that can't fight back.
But that's not all... after the "incident" her manager tried to "cover up" the situation and posted on Facebook the following message: "Alexandra Stan has been involved in an accident. She is recovering. More info to come. Alexandra Stan Management".

He didn't think that she has the power to confess everything. I support her for the courage of going public with the whole story and because she overcomes the shame.

You can see an interview with her here:

On the news:

Romanian singer Alexandra Stan claims manager-boyfriend (the "cop" from the picture) beat her up after fight over money

The ‘Mr. Saxobeat’ singer says manager Marcel Prodan beat her up after a dispute over money. The incident prompted a rare debate about domestic violence in the Eastern European nation.

Read the entire article from the New York Daily News here.

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