Jun 2, 2013

Why my Roaccutane reviews are positive and what else you should know.

As you may know, in this blog I've written articles about my acne experience and positive reviews about the Roaccutane treatment, because it was my only cure.
 In my case, Roaccutane was prescribe by a dermatologist as last resort. 

Why my Roaccutane reviews are positive ?

After most than 10 years of acne, during my middle school,  high-school and all the university years I had a severe acne that didn't respond to the basic treatments (inclusive contraceptive pills). Sometimes I had a "cleaner skin" but after a while all the inflammations return.
I wanna point out that the acne covered my face, my whole back and a part of my chest.
Basically, all my adolescence years I felt like s**it and sometimes I looked like one :D.
Depression is not a joke and is not easy to live with for so long.

Roaccutane was a miracle for me and I'm glad that this medicine was invented. That's why, in this blog you will find positive reviews about these pills. I didn't suffer from any depression while taking it, I didn't have serious side effects and the treatment worked.

What else you should know

As I'm searching more info about Roaccutane, I found many other unhappy cases of teens that suffered from serious side effects of the treatment and fight against this medicine.
I'm very sad that the treatment didn't work for them; it's not fair to pass through rough moments.

You should understand that taking Roaccutane implies certain risks and a medical supervision.

You should understand that I had a good experience with Roaccutane Treatment and that's why you will find a good review of the medicine.

Unfortunately, others didn't feel the same, but make sure that you read their opinions to.

I want to be sure that after you leave this blog,  you will continue your research, consult a doctor and take your own decision.

I'm not saying "take the drug" or "you should do like me". It's just my story. The final decision is yours.

I want to make perfectly clear one thing: in this blog I'm not giving medical advice; 
I just write about my experience with Roaccutane.

Thank you.

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