Jul 28, 2013

18 July: One year after Roaccutane

Good news everyone!

It's been a year since I've finished my Roaccutane Treatment!

To make a long story short, this are the most important facts:
  • I had severe acne since I was a teenager
  • I've tried sooo many acne products but without any significant effect
  • The doctor told me that Roaccutane was my last chance and I took it.

The treatment started on 20 November 2010, with 40 mg per day and decreased until 10 mg per week; at the beginning of the treatment I was 22 years old. 

I followed all the instructions of my doctor and during the treatment I didn't experience any severe side effects...thank you God!

When the treatment was over I was very worried and stressed that the acne will comeback...I didn't know what to expect.
After many months without pimples, 2 months after the treatment, an ugly little pimple appeared in the left corner of my lip. I know that's not a big deal but it was enough to get desperate and go to my doctor crying...

It took her a while to make me understand that everyone has a zit once in a while and I shouldn't be worried.In the end I accepted the idea of having 2-3 zits, once per month :) but not always, because luckily, there are periods without no pimples!

Now, one year after Roaccutane I'm feeling good and my skin looks great! I might be optimistic, but I think that it looks as good as last summer, when I've ended the treatment.

I'm a little relieved that nothing bad happened and I still have a clear skin. I'm glad that Roaccutane still has effects, even after a year.

That's all for today...if you have something that you would like to share, please, do it :) I'm waiting for your opinion.

Have a great week,


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