Mar 4, 2014

More about Acne: Morning Routine in 5 steps

1. Sleeping Beauty

During the night, we are like a sleeping beauty:  we forget about the real world, the dreams begin to shape and the and sleep is peaceful (loud snoring is a problem for others, not us :))

2. "mirror mirror on the wall,  who's the fairest of them all ? "

Rise and shine, baby !
What's the first thing that we do after we wake up?
We look in the magic mirror to see "what's new".
I used to call this habit "inventory" because I was keeping track of the old pimples, new pimples, how bad they look and how many days were necessary to heal.

3. Alohomora and the magic happens: 

Even if it seems that we don't have much in common, we have a special power: we can read the future !!! Only by looking at a mirror!

 Is so simple to decide how the day is gonna be:
  • less pimples = great day ! (happy , happy and joy)
  •                      I feel pretty, Oh so pretty. I feel pretty and witty and bright !!!
  • a new pimple = "I can live with that " day
  • a couple of new pimples = "Oh, what a shitty" day
  • many new pimples= "Somebody shoot me " day

4.Somebody stop me!

" Somebody stop me!!!  from the constant picking and squeezing !!!

5. The show must go on!!!

After all the pain and pity, after all the worries and insecurities, we get up and go on with our life.
I am legend!!!

Hope you like the post :)

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